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Chang-Hoi Ho

Research Associate
Hye-Ryun Oh
Minhee Chang

Jin-Woo Heo
Hung Ming Cheung
Ingyu Park
Dong-Gyu Hyeon
Ka-Young Kim
Seungwoo Yoo

Past Members

Ph.D Course : Jin-Woo Heo

Tel: 82-2-880-5705
Fax: 82-2-876-6795
Email: spes@cpl.snu.ac.kr

2015.2 M.S. in School of Earth and Environmental Sciences,
Seoul National University, Korea.

2013.2 B.S. in School of Earth and Environmental Sciences,
Seoul National University, Korea.

Research Interest
Global warming clearly heats up all the surface of the earth. Arctic has experienced more warming than other regions in observation periods. It is obvious more surface warming over not only Arctic, but in higher latitudes in future simulation, reduction of meridional surface temperature gradient. In my recent paper, I focus on the change of cold surge occurrence over East Asia under the future global warming. Basically, cold advection from the north is the important factor for the cold surge occurrence. This relationship holds in interannunal and decadal time scale in observation. Future global warming weakens cold advection by reduction of meridional surface temperature gradient, which provides unfavorable condition for cold surge occurrences. In addition, Arctic oscillation and East Asian winter monsoon may contribute to weaken cold advection in the future climate. We should be aware not only just global warming but also the spatial pattern of global warming for predicting weather extremes in future. I keep going to do research about understanding the behavior of cold extremes in mid-latitudes over Northern hemisphere.

Ho, Chang-Hoi, Jin-Woo Heo, Minhee Chang, Woosuk Choi, Jinwon Kim, Sang-Woo Kim, Hye-Ryun Oh, 2021, Regulatory measures significantly reduced air-pollutant concentrations in Seoul, Korea, Atmospheric Pollution Research,

Heo, J.-W., C.-H. Ho, T.-W. Park, W. Choi, J.-H. Jeong, and J. Kim, 2018, Changes in cold surge occurrence over East Asia in the future: Role of thermal structure , Atmosphere, 9, 222; doi:10.3390/atmos9060222

Park,T.-W., C.-H. Ho, J.-H. Jeong, J.-W. Heo and Yi Deng, 2015, A new dynamical index for classification of cold surge types over East Asia, Climate dynamics,

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