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Climate physics and feedbacks

Climate Disasters


Our research aims at improving our understanding of various climate components (i.e., cloud, aerosol, vegetation, tropical cyclone, monsoon, etc.) strongly linked with global or regional climate change. Ongoing research topics cover a wide range of scientific problems including climate physics and feedbacks and climate disasters. Our research is based on the analyses of surface observations, satellite retrievals, reanalysis data, and also the simulations of regional and global climate models.

Research Area :

Climate physics and feedbacks

Climate change is attributed to an increase in greenhouse gases by human activities. Its magnitudes are modulated by complex feedback processes among various climate components such as atmosphere, ocean, ice, land, and vegetation. While we have a sensible understanding of the climate system as a whole, there has been little study to investigate and predict the role of each component of the climate system. With this back ground, our group tries to reveal the physical process of climatic components (e.g., aerosol, cloud, vegetation, sea-ice, etc.) and its feedback influence to the climate system.

Group Members
Name Research Topic
Heeje Cho Cloud feedback, satellite remote sensing
Hye-Ryun Oh Aerosol direct radiative effect based on satellite data
Chang-Eui Park Vegetation feedback on aridity change and drought
Sun-Kyong Hur Prediction of air quality over East Asia
Hyeon-Ju Gim Changes of vegetation seasonal cycle
Hoonyoung Park Interactions between climate and vegetation
Greem Lee Long-range transports of particulate matter over East Asia

Climate Disasters

Climate disasters which arise from extreme weather phenomena (i.e., tropical cyclone, cold surge, heavy rainfall, etc.) could be considerably linked with global or regional climate change. It is important to understand the long-term changes in severe weather phenomena in order to minimize possible damage caused by a change in extreme weather in the future. Our research group has studied various extreme weather phenomena to improve our understanding of them.

Group Members
Name Research Topic
Woosuk Choi Tropical cyclone seasonal forecast
Dasol Kim Tropical cyclone characteristics at landfall stage
Minhee Chang Tropical cyclogenesis
Jin-Woo Heo Change of Cold surge in Future climate
Chang-Kyun Park Drought damage assessment and forecast
Hung-Min Cheung Climatology of tropical cyclone
Chaehyeon Chelsea Nam The assessment for vulnerability of tropical cyclone

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