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Chang-Hoi Ho

Research Associate
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Past Members

Ph.D. Course : Yun-Bok Lee

Tel: 82-2-880-5705
Fax: 82-2-876-6795
Email: yblee95@cpl.snu.ac.kr

2000.2 B.S. in Astronomy and Atmospheric Sciences,
KyungPook National University, Korea

Research Interest
My research interest is precipitation over East Asia.

Jeong, S.-J., C.-H. Ho, S. Piao, J. Kim, P. Ciais, Y.-H. Lee, J.-G. Jhun, and S. K. Park, 2014, Effects of double cropping on summer climate of the North China Plain and neighbouring regions, Nature Climate Change, 4, 615-619

Ho, C.-H. , J.-H. Kim, Y.-B. Lee, K.-M. Lau, K.-M. Kim, and D.-Y. Gong, 2005, Interdecadal changes in heavy rainfall in China during the northern summer, The Journal of Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Vol.16 Num.5

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