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Chang-Hoi Ho

Research Associate
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Woosuk Choi

Heeje Cho
Sun-Kyong Hur
Hyeon-Ju Gim
Greem Lee
Hoonyoung Park
Dasol Kim
Jin-Woo Heo
Minhee Chang
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Jiyoung Jung
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Ingyu Park

Past Members

Past Members

* denotes completion of M.A.
** denotes completion of Ph. D.

Soo-Hyun Yoo **

Ph.D. coursework period : 1999-2009
Doctoral thesis title : "Towards a better understanding of the possible influence of the Indian Ocean sea surface temperature on the Asian monsoon and El-Nino/southern oscillation"
Current position : National Centers for Environmental Prediction

Keun-Hee Lee *

M.A. coursework period : 1998-2000
Master's thesis title : "Determination of Changma Onset Date and Variability of Atmospheric Circulation Associated with Changma Onset"
Current position : Korea Meteorological Administration (http://www.kma.go.kr/)

Hee-Sik Kim *

M.A. coursework period : 1999.3-2001.2
Master's thesis title : "A Comparison of Radiation Parameterization in an AGCM : Nakajima vs. Chou scheme"
Current position : Cray Korea (http://www.cray.com)

Joo-Hong Kim **

Ph.D. coursework period : 2001-2005
Doctoral thesis title : "A study on the Seasonal Typhoon Activity using the Statistical Analysis and Dynamic Modeling"
Current position : Korea Polar Research Institute (http://www.kopri.re.kr/)

Si-Won Song *

M.A. coursework period : 1999-2001
Master's thesis title : "Regulation on High Cloud over Tropical Pacific during La Nina and El Nino Episodes"
Current position : University of Miami

Jee-Hoon Jeong **

M.A. and Ph.D. coursework period : 2000-2005
Doctoral thesis title : "Variation of East Asian Climate in relation to Large-scale Atmospheric Modes and Land-surface Condition"
Current position : Assistant Professor, Chonnam National University

Yun-Bok Lee

Ph.D. coursework period : 2002-2006
Current position: Korea Meteorological Administration (http://www.kma.go.kr/)

Hyoung-Jin Choi *

M.A. coursework period : 2001-2003
Master's thesis title : "Influence of Sea Surface Temperature in the Tropical Western Pacific on the East Asian Summer Monsoon"
Current position : Assistant professor, Korean Military Academy (http://www.kma.ac.kr)

Yong-Sang Choi **

M.A. and Ph.D. coursework period : 2001-2007
Doctoral thesis title : "Remote Sensing of cloud properties from the satellite mulispectral imagery and its application to study of cloud radiative effect"
Current position : Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Ewha Womans University (http://climate.ewha.ac.kr)

Dao-Yi Gong

Employment period : 2002-2003
Current position : Associate professor, Beijing Normal University (http://ires.cn/Faculty/GongDY/)

Myung-Sook Park **

Ph.D. coursework period : 2004-2009
Doctoral thesis title : "A Study of convection characteristics over western North Pacific using TRMM measurements : regional and intra-seasonal variations"
Current position : Research professor, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (http://www.unist.ac.kr/)

Young-Mi Kim

Ph.D. coursework period : 2005.9. - 2007.8.
Current position : National Institute of Meteorological Research (http://www.nimr.go.kr/)

Yeon-Hee Noh

M.A. and Ph.D. coursework period : 2005-2008
Current position : Korean Air (http://kr.koreanair.com)

Mao Rui

Employment period : 2009-2010
Current position : Research Associate

Su-Jong Jeong **

M.A. and Ph.D. coursework period : 2002-2010
Doctoral thesis title : "Diagnosis and Modeling of Vegetation-Climate Interaction and Its Application to Future Climate Projections"
Current position : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Tae-Won Park **

M.A. and Ph.D. coursework period : 2003-2010
Doctoral thesis title : "A Study on Characteristics of Winter Cold Surges over East Asia: Perspective of Climate Variability and Change"
Current position : School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology

Hyeong-Seog Kim **

M.A. and Ph.D. coursework period : 2004-2011
Doctoral thesis title : "Diagnosis and Prediction of the Summer Tropical Cyclone Track Patterns over the Western North Pacific"
Current position : Assistant Professor, Korea Maritime and Ocean University

Sang-Jong Park **

Ph.D. coursework and employment period : 2008-2011
Doctoral thesis title : "Parameterizations of Water Vapor and Heat Fluxes in the Atmospheric Surface Layer using Field Experimental Data"
Current position : Korea Polar Research Institute (http://www.kopri.re.kr/)

Sang-Yoon Jun **

M.A. and Ph.D. coursework period : 2006-2012
Doctoral thesis title : " "
Current position : Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems (http://www.kiaps.org/)

Sunyoung Hong *

M.A. coursework : 2010-2013
Current position : Republic of Korea Air Force

Yoon-Kyoung Lee **

Ph.D. coursework period : 2011-2013
Doctoral thesis title : "Roles of Surface Wind Stress and Upper Ocean Stratification over the Western Pacific on Decadal Changes in El Nino-Southern Oscillation"
Current position : Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (http://www.kiost.ac/)

Yun Gon Lee

Employment period : 2011-2013
Current position : Chungnam National University (http://www.cnu.ac.kr/)

Min-Hee Lee **

M.A. and Ph.D. coursework period : 2005-2011
Doctoral thesis title : "Variations of the extreme rainfall related to typhoon landfall over East Asia"
Current position : Visiting Scholar, SUNY-Albany

Chun-sil Jin **

Ph.D. coursework period : 2011-2013

Doctoral thesis title : "Influence of ENSO-related Sea Surface Temperature on Tropical Cyclone Activity over the Western North Pacific in a Regional Climate Model"
Current position :

Seungmin Lee **

Ph.D. coursework period : 2008-2013
Doctoral thesis title : "The influence of trans-boundary air pollutants from neighboring countries on the PM air quality in Korea: Background sources and related meteorological conditions"
Current position : Korea Environment Institute (http://www.kei.re.kr)

Jeong-Hyun Park

Ph.D. coursework period : 2013-2014
Current position : KMA

Chang-eui Park **

Ph.D. coursework period : 2009-2016
Doctoral thesis title : A study on changes in the vegetation and land surface dryness in present and future climate
Current position : Southern University of Science and Technology

Doo-Sun R. Park **

Ph.D. coursework period : 2006-2013
Doctoral thesis title : Long-term Changes in Tropical Cyclone Intensity and its Impacts on Coastal Countries of East Asia
Current position : Korea Environment Institute

Chaehyeon Chelsea Nam *

M.A. coursework period : 2015-2017
Master's thesis title :
Current position :

yeojin Han *

M.A. coursework period : 2016-2018
Master's thesis title :
Current position :

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